Our mission is to encourage REs to become more active in the courts of the PCA.  That definitely includes going to General Assembly and voting.

So we tweet about issues that might come up at General Assembly.  We do that so REs will know what kind of issues are considered, how important they are, and, thus, why it is crucial that they show up and vote.

It was in that spirit that we did this retweet:


After all, reparations is an important topic.  With the Racial Reconciliation committee preparing to report on its work, it seems like reparations might be on the docket for discussion at General Assembly.  And even if it wasn’t, we strongly feel that REs should be going to General Assembly to consider any recommendations from the Racial Reconciliation committee — and all the other matters that come up.

So it was disconcerting when we found that Truth’s Table had blocked us after we retweeted their podcast.

Why don’t they want us reading their tweets and listening to their podcast when both are freely available to everyone else?

Why did they just summarily block us instead of reaching out to us and asking a question?

Did they object to our message encouraging REs to participate in the PCA’s courts?  Why would they be against that?  Why would anyone be against that?


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