As we gear up for General Assembly, one piece of business looms larger over the agenda than any other item — the Report from the Ad Interim Committee on Racial and Ethnic Reconciliation (“AICREC”).  We plan to evaluate the report in a series of upcoming posts as the AICREC report is lengthy and detailed.

In the meantime, we have found a podcast which summarizes much of the context from which this report arises.  You can find it here

It is from the “Just Thinking” podcast and it is an episode discussing the recent “MLK 50 Conference.”  As far as we know, neither of the hosts nor any of the MLK 50 Conference speakers discussed (who are not named) are Elders in the PCA.  But this does provide a useful overview and critique of the relevant conversations that have been percolating along in the broader “Evangelical” community over the last decade and more.

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