Its a new year and things are a little bit different at MORE in the PCA, Inc.

Faithful and generous patrons have already donated and put us in a position to sponsor more REs than ever at this year’s General Assembly in Birmingham — before we even began our campaign!

So now we’re looking for REs who can make the sacrifice to come to General Assembly. As REs ourselves, we know that making the trip to GA is a sacrifice in and of itself. An RE has to get time off from work, time away from family commitments, expend vacation time, incur business/professional opportunity costs, and pay for a lot of expenses out of pocket.

We’re hoping to take as many hurdles out of your way as possible.

If you are an RE, and you can be designated by your Session as a Commissioner to the 2020 PCA General Assembly, and you have (or can make) the time to get to Birmingham during June 16-19, and you can get yourself to Birmingham (plane, train, automobile) … then we might be able to pay for your lodging and GA registration fee.

If you fit that description, please send us an application. You can download it here …..

Download the application, fill it out, scan it, and send it to as soon as you can. We will likely consider applications in April and let people know who we will be able to sponsor by April 30 so they can finalize plans.

We can’t promise that GA will be fun. What we can promise is that the PCA will need Ruling Elders at this General Assembly. Consequential matters will be considered; and Ruling Elders with real world experience will be needed to weigh in on those matters.

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