Coronavirus cancelled the Birmingham General Assembly and forced just about everyone to shut down for months.  Many of us are back at worship and work.  And we’re realizing that the troubling trends we see in the PCA are still there, still unresolved.

So we are refocusing on our mission: getting Ruling Elders more involved in the Church’s courts.  And we’re beginning a new campaign to enable many more Ruling Elders to get to General Assembly. This will be a multi-year campaign. It is not just focused on getting Ruling Elders to St.Louis in 2021, but to enable more Ruling Elders to come to every future PCA General Assembly.

Today we’re taking the first steps, though. For the next eleven months, MOREatGA will be our campaign to bring 100 additional Ruling Elders to the St. Louis General Assembly.

And because we are looking to broadly renew and reinvigorate Ruling Elder participation in General Assembly, we’re especially encouraging:

  • Ruling Elders who have never come to General Assembly before
  • Ruling Elders from churches that have not sent a RE commissioner to General Assembly in years (or ever)
  • Ruling Elders from smaller churches
  • Ruling Elders from churches with tight budgets

We know that General Assembly doesn’t hear from many, many churches. We want to change that.

If you share our mission, please walk alongside us by:

  • Praying … for a resurgence of Ruling Elder participation at General Assembly
  • Consider giving … to help send Ruling Elders to future General Assemblies
  • Consider applying … for financial assistance to send yourself or some other Ruling Elder you know to the St. Louis General Assembly (you can block off the week of June28 – July2, 2021 today!)
  • Share … the news that the grassroots are growing and they will blossom in St. Louis!
  • Watch … for updates on the progress and details of the MOREatGA campaign

Today we begin a long journey.

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