Most of you know that faithful PCA Elders gathered in St. Louis two months ago and made clear statements about the ordination and examination of candidates who have been unduly influenced by “Revoice theology” and various aspects of contemporary culture.

Be mindful that, even though these overtures passed by overwhelming majorities in St. Louis, the questions remain unsettled. The overtures do not become part of the BCO until they are passed by two thirds of all PCA presbyteries and then passed again by the 2022 General Assembly in Birmingham.

PCA presbyteries are beginning to consider these matters and we want to encourage all PCA Elders to make sure their church’s full delegation of Elders is present to vote on these important questions.

Please give prayerful consideration to this video.

It is up to the Elders of the church, including Ruling Elders, to preserve the peace and purity of Christ’s Bride.

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